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What "spare parts" should be in the P3p box?

All marketing materials for the P3 Pro list "spare parts".

Mine came without any spare parts in the box and I see no cutout in the foam that could've been intended to hold some.

Did you receive spare parts?

I expected to get splice tubes, thumb screws, and replacement parts as with my P2 Pro.

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Hey Sebastian, the spare parts are listed on the Getting Started guide, you can find a copy here: P3P GSG

Usually, they're located under the foam in a white box next to the power supply.

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Thanks for clarifying @jonnyyeu.

Do I understand the linked guide correctly, in that the only "spare" parts are:

- 4x splice tubes

- 1x 57mm PTFE tube

Also, I can't find splice tubes anywhere in my box, neither in the white small box that contained the cables and the extruder clip, nor anywhere in the big box.


Hi Sebastian, in addition to what you listed, there are also cables, longer PTFE outgoing tubes, extruder clip/velcro, screwdriver, USB drive, spoolholder, and stand. If you didn't receive any splice tubes, please send me an e-mail with your mailing details and we can have some sent to you.


Thank you @jonnyyeu. I think the definition of «spare» is heavily bent here, at least from my non-native-speaker perspective.

You might want to have a look at my other post from yesterday. After very successfully using a P2P since it came out, I find it almost impossible to get a single working print out of the P3P. I use it with the same well calibrated MK3S+ I'm using the P2P with. But even standalone the P3P destroys many major brand filaments the P2P uses without a single hiccup.

That you closed down the system by integrating the hub and making it «almost» cloud-only is a despicable move, yet in line with every company lus ting to lock users into their walled gardens and almost negligible, when realizing how unreliable and unfinished the product seems.

Maybe you can convince me that the P3P is at least as good as the P2P I already have? Because I'd rather keep it – and then I'd gladly ask you to send me the spare tubes.


@sadrian Thanks for your feedback, I'll take a look at your other post and respond there. Concerning the Hub, our intention was to create a better experience for users as they now had everything they needed within the unit instead of having to purchase an additional add-on like with Palette 2. We also found that constant updates to Octoprint would cause issues with the plugins, so moving to our own ecosystem allowed us to control the user experience better.

Concerning our slicer, Canvas, we also support PrusaSlicer via the P2PP plugin ( Both these options are free, and again, our intention was to create something that would be easy for users to use, while also bringing the advantages of a cloud-based system (constant updates, mobility and flexibility, increased collaboration, etc.).

The best way to convince you about P3 is to get it working for you, so please feel free to share any issues that you're experiencing and I'd be happy to help. You can also reach me at


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