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Accessory Mode Digital Ping

So the biggest gripe I have with accessory mode is the need for physical pauses in the print. Missed pings cause endless headache, and depending on the slicer pings can fall outside of the purge tower and cause print issues. I get that supporting klipper is a big ask (though I don’t think it’s unreasonable)

The Pallet 3 is already a networked device, would you please add the ability to accept a network ping that contains the extruder position? This would allow us to have the klipper machine ping more frequently, with much greater reliability, and without extending the print time excessively. Are there any issues with adding a network ping?

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This is an interesting idea @thatguy, we should be able to develop the firmware on the Palette end to make this happen, but we would need some help making this work on Klipper's side.

I can't state a timeline that we can commit to at the moment, but I'd like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone is interested in doing Klipper development for Palette, they may reach out to

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Some initial questions in the klipper discord suggest this would not be difficult to implement. Klipper already supports several web interfaces that could communicate.

Let us know what you're expecting for a ping, and we'll add the feature.

I mean it could even be something as simple as a literal network ping sent by the klipper host.

guy@Spicy:~$ ping [hostename].local -c 1

Klipper wouldn't even need any modifications, the kiauh extension already allows for shell commands, which can be executed from a macro that is called from the gcode. P2PP would just add a SEND_PING macro at regular intervals through the print, instead of trying to modify pauses into the purge tower.

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