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Prusa MM Print stops without warning or Error

Hi I am Printing a simple 2 Material Print and it just stops half way through the print.
The process uses a two materials in the first couple of layers and than switches to a single material print. At some point (not always the same point) the process stops.

You can than only pause the palette and resume it, but it will not do anything.

No error is deisplayed on the palette or on the prusa. In canvas i get error 500 after some time, but thats about it.

Anybody with similar experiences?

I just bought the Palette 3Pro for 850€ and was really expecting more of this.



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Hi @konrad, I’m very sorry to hear this happened with your print. If Palette has been updated to the latest firmware, can you share the P3 system logs with us following these steps? Please email these logs to

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Hi! I mailed them to you! Please confirm.


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Hi @konrad , I am also having this same issue. The Palette 3 Pro, latest firmware, just stops. Mine does seem to be very consistent: on a Benchy, it is right about 3mm on the hull, every time. I just tried a flexi shark, and got the same behavior on about the 2nd layer, because it is a bigger print. I’d guess it is doing it after X number of instructions.

I also have a ticket open with support, and they sent me some firmware with more detailed logging. If you get that too, more data for the analysis.

I’ve tried both normal and accessory mode. As expected, in accessory mode the printer keeps moving, but since the P3P has stopped sending filament it just air prints. Never any error messages on the P3P or in Canvas.

Thanks, and you are not alone.

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Hi Brian!

Yeah, it is pretty consistent, but not at exactly the same move in the gcode.
In my case it always stops when printing a larger portion of material form one type which leads me to the my working assumption that it is actually dependent on the slip accumulated over hours of printing. I consequently tried to print lower layers (=less slip) and have had no issues since.

My guess is that one of the sensors in the strain relief loop is being triggered, thus causing a shutdown…

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