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Palette 3 pro wont advance more filament while loading printing w TPU

I am trying to print with Filamentum 98a flex TPU; the splicing is done perfectly with the tuning numbers I have in there, the filament gets created, everything seems fine until the loading starts, the extruder pulls the filament, and the buffer tube starts to contract, it reaches the end, but the P3P doesn’t advance more filament causing the buffer tube to reach its end and hit the trigger, the extruder keeps pulling and once the buffer tube is out of space the P3P starts to retract the entire spliced filament, creating a tug a war between the P3P and the extruder. It doesn’t make any sense since I tried using PLA, and it works, I created a new printer profile, used manual loading, and pulled by hand, but the P3P refuses to advance while loading the filament into the extruder.

p.s. the scroll wheel is working fine too because I can see the LO number decrease. Also tried several different files, created a new printer, but still, the P3P won’t advance more filament.

Please tell me what’s going on and how to fix it, Thanks!

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Hi @zainshah, we’re pleased to hear that this type of TPU was able to splice well. In order to drive filament through the unit better, our team will be working on a firmware release that allows calibrating flexible materials in the near future. The internal calibration on Palette that determines how many steps it takes to drive filament is different between rigid and flexible materials. We aim to have this supported soon and want to ensure thorough testing before this release is made public.

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After a year and a half this should have been completed and released by now. Mosaic marketed this as being supported at launch waaay back in Spring 2021 . How much more testing needs to be done? Seriously. Can we just get a forthright answer on this? I mean a little respect is not a whole lot a customer should have to ask for. I was an original Kickstarter for your company 5+ years ago. Today, I am officially "Kickending" my belief in your company. I will never buy another Mosaic product again.


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Ok, so no TPU MM printing for right now. Thanks for letting me know. Hopefully, the firmware will be out sooner rather than later. Thanks.

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Why don’t you guys tell just us the truth which is we are not going to ever have reliable TPU splicing with the P3P. This way you don’t have to keep feeding us the BS of it’s “coming soon”. Coming soon came and went. Too many buyers have been duped into thinking TPU is support (reliably) coming soon. I have been off this forum for months waiting patiently for Mosaic to release TPU support which I asked about back in Feb. You told us it was coming soon. What does that even mean? You guys have lost all credibility. Remember, we all waited over half a year for our initial P3Ps and we were patient. Covid, supply-chain issues, shipping. We all understood these issues were beyond Mosaic’s control, but surely, you control your marketing message and your engineering. So over a year and a half after paying for my P3P I still don’t have TPU support which was a primary reason for purchase. A quantum step backward and a case study in $hitty customer support. Disappointment is an understatement.

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