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Information on Palette 3 Pro

Hi I have finally got the palette producing a key ring the Palette Pro3 work very well when actually started but as below i have wasted a lot of material. I have a few of questions

How do i change the out put length (57mm) but filament appears it should be 2 or 3mm longer as it does not pick up in the printer( Prusa 3s+ auto loading turned off) I have to cheat and load a wee bit more by hand

At the end of a print there appears to be a small amount of filament left sticking out of the extruder but i don’t know how to clear without removing the output tube and using the printer filament removal.

This maybe a canvas question, I have designed a button 2 colours a disc with star on top and 4 little attachment holes expected only basically 2 splices but ended up with 30 splices but it is only changing from one colour to another.

Any help would be appreciated It is probably something I have not learned yet

Thanks Tim

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Hi Tim, please take a look at this article on Loading Offset and how to edit the LO on your P3: Palette 3 Loading Offset and Historical Modifier

As for your Canvas and splices question, would you be able to send us the project link as well as photos of the model you printed to so we can take a look at it more closely.

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yes carried out the Loading offsets

Do you always have to load the extruder by hand at the beginning of a print.

I cannot see “You will come to the loading step that asks you to jog a specific number of millimeters before starting the print” on the screen as I start the print I must be missing something.

At the end of the print I still end up with at least 25mm of filament sticking out of the extruder I have to eject using the print system is this correct

The clearing of the pallete if things go wrong always means I have to remove the plastic cover as the filament will not pull out.

I think I missed something

I tried to send the info from canvas it looks like it disappeared into the ether

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Hi Is this the wrong place for replies to queries as i have not had an answer to my last inquiry maybe i am doing some thing wrong I have tried the first suggestions but no reply about Canvas

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