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PrimaSelect PVA+ any success stories?

So tonight I thought I’d try to figure out the Splice Settings for PrimaSelect PVA+ and Sunlu PLA. With the PVA as the outgoing filament this was no problem, but the other way around with PVA as the incoming filament the problems started.

If I don’t reduce the heat value to at least -1 the splice stretches to thin to be useful and is very likely to wrap around the outgoing drive gear. When I do reduce the heat value, I get good looking splices that immediately break the moment I lightly pull on them (I can’t even pull the filament out of the Palette before the splice breaks). Since PVA is not as rigid as PLA I can’t increase compression too much to compensate or the PVA will bunch up and get stuck in the incoming drive gear.

Mind my particular spool of PVA is quite old and the filament probably needs drying (which I’m doing right now), so I wanted to ask if someone else had any kind of success using PrimaSelect PVA+ with their Palette 3?

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Hi Martin,

After you’ve dried out the filament, would you be able to first try using 0,0,0 values and then taking photos of the splices so we can make further suggestions based on how the splices turn out

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Drying out the PVA definitely helped a LOT. Splice Tuning resulted in 4,2,0 producing the strongest splices.

I'll run a test print tomorrow to see if I need further fine tuning.


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