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Wrong slicing with 8 colors on P3P with Kisslicer

I am new user of P3P, but running 3D printing services company for nearly 6 years.

I am working with Cura (and Simplify 3D in the past) on my other printers and not familiar with Kisslicer or Slic3r.

I have printed successfully the keychain with 4 colors using Kisslicer.

Took me some time to calibrate the Bowden tube length, starting script to take into account the purge, splicing settings, transitions, …. But now it works fine.

I have tweaked the keychain model to have 8 color patches.

Block Image

When slicing with Kisslicer the patches gets something like a two lines skirt, which is an issue.

Block Image

Slicing with Slic3r provides the right result, but the print is terrible.

Block Image

Here’s my project

Is there any parameter I should tweak ?

Is this a bug ? What would be the proper workaround

Thanks for your help

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i have seen similar issues when using the kisslicer engine in canvas, using the slic3r hasnt given me any such issues. I would reccomend you try to tune a slic3r profile for your printer, get that working and then use the slic3r engine.


hi @jcw

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed it has solved the issue, but as said, the print quality / tuning was not good. The print was terrible compared to Kisslicer and very far from my level of quality on that printer with Cura latest version.

I have implemented PrusaSlicer 2.4 with P2PP and I am in the tuning phase.

PrusaSlicer / Slic3r are not having features like coasting which creates most of the issues (stringing / blobs) due to long Bowden tube, so I'm implementing Pressure Advance (Duet 3D board) via the filament start gcode.

Next step would be new retraction distances, shorter, due to the Pressure Advance feature.

Then redo the fine tuning for the transitions, Canvas and P2PP don't have the same distance for the filament loading and colors appear to early.


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Hi @v3dp, thank you for sharing your progress.

If you have done the calibration print very recently, it’s likely that your printer profile still requires some additional tuning. Because of the small size of the print and number of color transitions towards the end, if the printer profile is not yet well tuned the colors may be out of sync.

To further tune the printer profile you can run 2-3 medium sized multicolor prints that have at least 15 pings after slicing. Pings are calibration checkpoints, which display as percentages that compare how much was extruded at that point during the print to how much was expected to be extruded. For example, a ping of 95% means there was 5% less filament extruded than expected. Pings can be viewed while a print is in progress on P3’s screen >Tools > Pings.

After each print completes, there will be an option to save or ignore the calibration data. You can save prints that have consistent pings, and the color results on the print are mostly correct. If the pings are erratic and more than 50% of the print has colors in the wrong place, the data can be ignored. Saving the data is what will further tune the printer profile.

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Hi @aordono

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately you’ve missed the point. The issue is not on the print but on the slicer itself - so the print would be wrong - Kisslicer is creating a skirt around the patches …. which is not inline with the model.

And printing with Slic3r is not at the right level of quality when printing with the same parameters.

I am getting a go to Prusa Slicer + P2PP as it looks like providing good results. But I still have lots of tuning to do.

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Sorry about my misunderstanding, when you mentioned the bad results with Slic3r I thought you were mentioning calibration issues.

Is it possible to scale up the models that make up the colored regions on top, along it's z-axis only so that it has more height above the keychain? Otherwise, you can also share the project and I can take a look at tweaking the painting with Kisslicer (


Hi @aordono

No problem.

I have shared my project already in my first post.

I have also changed my multipart project, so the top models are a bit higher, but it hasn't changed the results with Kisslicer.

I haven't painted a single model, it's multiple models filled with the right color.

To clarify:

Kisslicer is making a slicing error, creating a skirt on the top models.

Slic3r is slicing properly, but the tuning options are scarce compared to Cura / S3D on coasting / retractions and the surface finish is not good at all, even compared with Kisslicer.

If you want to have a look at the project, no problem.

I have already switched to PrusaSclicer + P2PP where the tuning options are better and more easy to control.

I am still in the tuning phase, but getting close to a decent result. If I succeed, I don't plan to get back to Canvas.


@v3dp Thank you, I will share this painting behavior with the team to see if this can be fixed.


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