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Why canvas and no octoprint?

Canvas falls very short at almost everything it does: slicing (multi color or otherwise), attempting to control the printer/palette machine, and is a completely new software from the ground up for actually no reason except to put it online (which isnt good)

Octoprint is almost universally highly regarded as being the best at everything it does, everyone uses it and or is familiar with it. it controls the printer well and even running on a raspberry pi it has the capability to host the palette 2 at the same time and theres a community plugin already for it! also not using canvas means you arent locked down having to be connected to the internet and bound to 2 slicing engines that ive personally never even tried.

Why am i locked down to this awful solution? even trying p2pp has been a nightmare as im unfamiliar with prusa slicer already and then need to do some crazy setup to even attempt to get it to do anything.

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I agree, the move to PrusaSlicer with P2PP is not easy. I had never used PrusaSlicer before either, I was mostly using S3D and starting to learn Cura, but after investing the time to learn it, I like it and more importantly I am getting consistently good prints from my P3P where with Canvas successful prints were far and few between.
That said, I still wish they would support the P3 with Chroma. It was a real disappointment it was dropped for the P3.

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I was literally in the same boat. I just made the switch to PrusaSlicer and the learning curve from S3D took a hot minute. Also, the P2PP documentation is good but not great. For example, I still don't know how to use infill transitioning using the P2PP plugin, and trying to figure out how the !&&* to turn off the fans during side transitions was a nightmare, but I figured it out. I do miss Chroma and Octoprint. If you need any help during your transition, let me know!


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