Please change the file mode to non Gcode when enabling P3Pro

Please canvas devs u know whats right but still you do wrong.

when using a pallette in single color mode even in multi color but using just 1 color it only tries to send a gcode file.

How hard can it be to make a toggle on the right top to force the right format so that i can use canvas connected with a single color.

instead of hacking my way into it wasting fillament and time.

Currently 2 options for us users exist.
1. Manually usb transfering and using the printer itself along.
2. Faking multi colors by adding a tiny cube of 1 layer with a different color.

both either forcing us to manually seperately managing the print and palette and the other one wasting fillament.

Please build this in as its currently a stupid system that raises more questions with the 500 device error then answers.

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