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Trouble getting consistent splice tuning results

I’m having trouble getting consistent results out of my Palette 2S Pro. I’ve found some splice settings that seem to produce decent splices in splice tuning — once. But they don't seem to be repeatable. Splicing again with the same settings can fail with “necking” like a chunk of material was taken out. For example, here are two photos transitioning from blue to clear with the same splice settings, but very different results. Any suggestions?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Endurance Mode Off (3/0/3):

Block Image

Better results with new splice core:

Block Image

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Hey @sandytoes, thanks for reaching out - could you tell us what your splice settings here are, what material are you using (with brand name if possible), if you have Endurance Mode enabled on Palette (under Settings —> Preferences), and share a CANVAS project where you applied these settings (instructions for sharing here)? We will take a look and let you know. Thanks!

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The two filaments are MatterHackers Build PLA (Royal Blue) and MatterHackers PRO PLA (Clear). I was using 2/3/2 for the splice settings (transitioning from blue to clear), and both photos above were from splice tuning results on the same setting. Endurance Mode is on. I had been using Prusa Slicer + p2pp, but recently switched to Prusa Slicer + Chroma to see if the results were any more consistent. The print failed with those settings on a blue to clear transition (splice break in the buffer).

Yesterday, I was successful in printing the same model with a 1/1/1 settings for blue to clear, but then tried to print the exact same file a second time, and the blue to clear splice broke, which is what led me to try to find better settings. But it seems like I’m having trouble getting consistent splice results out of identical settings on the Palette. Is that expected?


Thanks for sending over that information. It is not expected that you would be getting different results with the same splice settings, so we can definitely continue troubleshooting this. Can you tell me if the above photos (at settings 2,3,2 as I understand) were the result after a splice tuning test on Palette, or were they the result from a print where those settings were applied? And as I understand, you have 2,3,2 for blue to clear and 1,1,1 for clear to blue as in the screenshot of your material profile?

At 2,3,2 with Endurance Mode ON, you are effectively at 4,0,4 because Endurance Mode is (2,-3, 2) by default, and 4 might be too hot which is causing the splice to neck. Try running splice tuning with Endurance Mode off and see if the results of two splice tunings tests (not a print) give you the same splice results - you can attach the photos here if you like.


Hi @alina. Both of the above were results from splice tuning, not a print. Like I said, I had initial success with 1/1/1, but then it failed mid-print.

I’ve now turned off Endurance Mode, and performed 3 splice tunings in a row with the values 3/0/3. I’ll attach the photo. I did not try to bend them before taking the photo, so that weird angle/bend in one of them is how it came out when pulled from the buffer. The two “normal” looking splices cannot be pulled apart, but I was able to pull apart (break) the bent one easily.


Hey @sandytoes, thanks for sending that over - I looked over your photos with the team and everything looks okay actually. The splices can indeed vary a little bit with the same settings (sorry if I misinformed you!) and as long as you are not getting failed prints constantly to broken splices, then the splice settings you used above should be fine (3,0,3). However, if you are concerned that you are getting too many failed prints due to this issue, please email us at with your order information and shipping address, and we can send you a new core to see if that helps.


Thanks @alina. I updated my Chroma configuration to use the 3,0,3 settings, and tried another print last night, and it broke on the first blue to clear splice. And a second blue to clear splice broke inside the buffer as I was trying to clear the output! So I’ll gather the information and reach out.


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