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Under extrusion at splices

I do a lot of prints without the purge block. i.e., colour change at height and random mode. I’m getting under extrusion at the colour change. Everything else works absolutely great so I’m wondering if it could be a splice tuning issue? I also had a note pop up saying my splice tube is old and should be changed but I wasn’t experiencing any problems at the time so ignored it. Could this also be a contribution? Obviously when I’m using a purge block under extrusion and the splice isn’t a problem, but a hole in the print at the colour change is!



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Interesting issue Matt,

A peppering of questions-

Do you see any necking at the splices?

If you break a splice by hand is there an air bubble in the middle?

If you extrude a splice manually, what is the behavior of the plastic coming out of the nozzle? does it break, bubble, pause, etc.

I’d expect splices to generally cause over-extrusion where the splice bulges slightly! Always interesting to get the opposite of expectations lol


I like to be different! As below today I've changed over the splice tube..if anything continues I'll be back for help. But fingers crossed it was just that as the old one was a bit out of shape.


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Hi @mattread, sorry to hear you’re seeing this. It is recommended to change the splice tube after every 5000 splices, you can see the number of splices completed with this tube under Settings > About > SC Count. After replacing the tube, you can reset the counter in your Preferences menu so it can do an accurate count of the splices for the new tube.

Do you happen to have splice tuning settings saved on Palette for the material you are using, and if so what is the heat, compression and cooling?

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Sorry for not replying, I didn't get a notification and I've just been dealing with it! Today it jammed on a splice so I've changed the splice tube over. The old one did look a bit out of shape so hopefully this is the solution. My splice settings are still as standard. It's never needed anything else up to this point. Apart from my first attempt at calibration which failed because I wasn't extruding evenly the palette 2 has just worked. Flawlessly. Right out of the box. I'll let you know how it goes with the new tube.


No problem at all @mattread, do let us know how it goes!


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