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Error - Device Error: 500 from Canvas3d site - sending print to pp3

I have recently factory Defaulted my Palette Pro 3 (pp3). I then re-joined to my online Canvas account. I then added it back to the setup and sliced my first test. When I click to send to pp3, i get ‘Device Error:500’.
I have factory defaulted again and tried to re add, same error.
I have tried a different design, same error.
I have tried to manually control my printer via Canvas = seems to work as expected.

I searched for a solution to this but googling came up with nothing other than to clear browsing data, Did that, Same error.


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Hi @friartuck, can you check that your setup has your online P3P in connected mode? Unfortunately accessory mode (MAFX) files can’t be sent to the P3P at the moment, but it is something our team is working on.

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Does that mean it has to be a multi-material print or it won't work right now? I'm getting 500s unless I have more than one color in the slice.


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I'm having the same issue. Multi-material prints sends to the Palette 3 Pro without issue, however single material prints always throw Error 500.

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Here is how do a single color print with the P3P.

  • Slice your model with the slicer of your choice and transfer the gcode file to your 3D printer’s SD card or USB drive. Don’t start the printer yet.
  • On the Palette 3 or P3P select: “Start Print > Custom Print > Multi-Spool
  • Select one or more inputs for the filament you want to print with and then next.
  • Select “Start with Printer” prompts to load the filament and prime your printer.
  • Start your printer and it will pull filament from your Palette 3 as needed.

Note: My P3P is running firmware

For more information see:

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Has this problem with only one colour to be down loaded been fixed.

As I have had it with the latest firmware. I cannot get into the web site

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