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How can I print with TPU and PLA?


Is it possible to print with PLA and TPU?

I’ve attempted it without success. I believe the problem is related to the TPU stretching in the tube, which throws the ping way off (80%), and causes the Palette 2 to cut down on the amount of PLA used.

Is this the problem I’m seeing?

Will calibration solve this issue?

Is there a guide for printing flexible and rigid material together?

Thank you,

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Hey @jeffreybernath, thanks for reaching out about this. While Palette does support a number of materials (material guide here), the combination of PLU and TPA is not officially supported as it is very difficult to splice these two together due to their different levels of rigidity. However, if you would like to try it out, you can follow this guide here, which goes through all the steps required for calibrating Palette for printing with flexibles.

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i want to come back to Jeffrey Bernath´s question.

At first the information, i tried splicing PLA and TPU through the pallet several times and it works perfectly.

Let's say I want to print a simple part out of PLA and TPU. The pallet is calibrated with PLA. At first I print the first part from the object with PLA, the transition tower is created correctly, and the transition from PLA to TPU on the transition tower is done correctly. When the TPU printing begins, there is no more pinging, so it doesn't cause me any more problems.

At the end of the print I spent too much flexible TPU through the pallet but I can live with that. All in all, the process ran smoothly. But how do I get the printed TPU to adhere neatly to the PLA? In all of my attempts (different speeds, temperatures ...) I was able to easily detach the TPU part from the PLA part on the printed object.

Is it even possible to combine these materials with one another?

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Hey @harald, we have not officially tested splicing together PLA and TPU, as the rigidity difference between these two materials make it very difficult. You can read more about this here if you would like (


Hello alina,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have already studied the pages at ( in detail.

As I wrote earlier, I can successfully split the two materials.

Yes, there are problems with the pings when creating the filament string with flexible material.

But that's not my real problem. The real problem is the adhesion of TPU to PLA in the actual print.

Has anyone ever successfully printed an object with the combination of PLA and TPU?

If so, what do I have to do to realize the adhesion of TPU to PLA in the print successfully?

Thanks for your help.


@harald While we haven't personally seen a successful print with PLA and TPU (the print will usually have layer delamination), some users have successfully printed with PETG and TPU instead. I would suggest to check out this FB post here to read about their experience:


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