Help - I am not receiving pings no matter what I do

Hi, I had to change my extruder calibration so I reset my Palette 2 Pro to factory. Then, I ran calibration print which completed successfully. I also ran splice tuning as well. I next printed the earphone case by accessory mode but in all cases I have no pings! The colors on the top of the print were relatively inaccurate, so I really need the pings to help tweak. What am I doing wrong?

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Hey Dan, after running an extruder calibration and factory resetting your unit, we'd recommend re-printing the keychain first before attempting anything else:


Hi Johnny, well I just printed from Canvas Hub and got the attached pings. Only issue is that it would be nice to have a little more filament left over for me to pull it out from the extruder after print.



PING (%)


Ping 1 96.84%

Ping 2 97.79%

Ping 3 98.63%

Ping 4 98.57%

Ping 5 98.55%

Ping 6 98.59%

Ping 7 98.82%

Ping 8 98.56%


Thanks for sharing, the pings are consistent after Ping 3, which is a good sign. In cases where the first two pings are low, I would check your first layer as this can sometimes be caused by your nozzle sitting too close to the bed, causing some underextrusion.


Thanks Johnny. Subsequent 2 prints are consistent at 99% or 100% and are coming out really well. Appreciate your help. May try re-leveling.


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