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Another Palette 3 Pro freeze up ruined a 20 hour print. WHY?

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I have yet to get a successful print out of anything longer than 3 hours. This time, my Palette Pro 3 screen showed 20 hours into the print, 60% done on the progress bar, and 0h 00m remaining at the bottom of the screen, with the red Pause button still lit up indicating it thinks it’s still running. The fans were going full blast but the screen was unresponsive, as well as the power button. This is the second time I’ve had to pull the power cable. My printer (Artillery Sidewinder X2) had homed all axes, and the nozzle and bed temperatures had turned off (luckily). So, something in the Palette told the printer either it was finished, or to stop the print, since it was homed and cooled down. My print was naturally ruined (for the 4th try but the first 3 failed due to other reasons.) Everything else looked normal. I had a full line of filament with several intact splices, and the extruder was not clogged, and there were no errors anywhere that I could see.

I know Mosaic is tired of hearing this, but for what I paid for this I could have bought two multi-color machines from competitors. Is there ANY discussion about why the Palette 3 is Freezing, Hanging, or Crashing (not sure what to call this)?

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Hi @bobbert69, I’m very sorry to hear this happened with your Palette 3 Pro. This freezing issue that occurs during printing is something we’re looking into. Would you be able to let us know the following?

  • Which firmware version is currently installed? It would be best to use the most recent, v21.12.07.0.
  • Is the splice core sitting flush (not at an angle), and fully secured with the thumbscrew?
  • How frequently has this freeze happened?

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Hello. Sorry I have been out for the holidays. I am on firmware and had installed it when it first came out. Examining the splicing core it seems to be flush and secure. The only thing I find odd about my splices is that they seem to be a bit brittle if I try to bend them. My current splice settings are at 2, 2, 2.

The freezing has happened 4 times so far, always on long prints of 10 or more hours. I have had a successful print that was 3 hours. I am afraid to keep trying long prints due to wasting materials and time until I feel like these freezes are fixed. So basically I have just stopped using the machine altogether.


Hi @bobbert69, thank you for your response, no need to apologize! This screen freezing issue is something we have replicated at least once at our office. It's a bit challenging to replicate and isolate. Our team currently suspects it to be a communication issue.

I understand your position here in not wanting to waste any materials, and I apologize that this issue has deterred you from using your Palette. We will continue to investigate this, and as soon as I have any updates I will share them. My sincere apologies again.


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I am having the same issue, I have had this machine for a day and haven't had a successful print yet. I'm on the newest software for both my ender 3 and the mosiac. I had one print almost complete. Most of the time it's frozen right st the beggining of a print. I really want this to work, but I don't think it's going too unless I get a prusa or some other printer.

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I just had my P3P freeze about half-way through a 6h print in accessory mode. I had left the printer while viewing the pings screen.

Calibration key-chain prints just fine.

An update, I re-ran the exact same print, and it 'completed'

Though there were 3 missed pings which caused misalignment and ran out of filament a few layers early. Pings seem to just get continuously lower towards the end of the print, the last one being the lowest at 92.22. Pongs also had notable variance from 97 to 104.

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