add printer, more calabration prints? Now no first splice

Hello guys. I am installing a new printer to canvas, and was wondering if i needed to run a calibration print for every new printer I install? Or will the Palette 2 S hold all the prior prints for calibration? I am also having a VERY difficult time getting anything other than the calibration prints to complete successfully. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance .

Joe Wisniewski

Update (08/24/2020)

Now unfortunatly when i start a calabration print, it pulls the filament out of the splice core befor it makes the splice. so now the first pice of filament falls loose in the buffer stop print!

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Hey @ozz4evr, you will need to do a new keychain calibration print for every printer that you use Palette on, as Palette needs to know the exact distance from itself to the extruder (called the Loading Offset) in order to create calibrated prints. After you finish the keychain calibration print on Palette, a new printer profile will appear (Settings —> Printer Profiles). You will also need to create a new printer profile on CANVAS. You can follow the steps here for setting up Palette on your new printer.

In regards to the prints, please let us know what kind of issues you are running into and we will do our best to help. Some of the initial questions we usually ask are:

  1. What kind of printer(s) are you using? Can you send us a photo of your Palette and printer setup, with a focus on the filament path as it enters the extruder?
  2. If you have completed the calibration keychain, could you please share a photo of it plus the tower (top and bottom)? Do you have the ping data associated with this print (instructions to access ping data)? Ping data is very important in troubleshooting print failures.
  3. Could you share your CANVAS keychain project (instructions here)?
  4. Have you run splice tuning with your filament yet (instructions here)?

Thanks in advance for putting all of this together!

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Thank you for your Quick response. i Have do at least 50 prints of the key chain, not sure which data go's together. so decide to start a fresh calibration. I began the steps to provide you with the information you requested. unfortunately now when i try to run a calibration print the Palette 2 S pulls the first piece of filament out of the splice core, so the first piece of filament falls loose into the buffer. cant proceed any further


It sounds like you are getting some weak splices and need to run splice tuning with your filament (instructions here: If you would like to send the above information, as well as photos of your splices, to, we can open up a ticket. Thanks!



I'm sorry you may have misunderstood,, the first piece of filament is not inside the splice core, it is pulled past the splice core. therefore, the splice core is heating up without any filament inside.


@ozz4evr Would you be able to provide me with a video of this happening in addition to the information I requested above? I believe we opened a ticket about this over email, so please send over the video (if you can) as well as the requested information there and we can troubleshoot this. Thanks!


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@alina Good Morning Alina

Thank you for all your help, I was trying to get the things together that you had asked for. However, it had other problems, which turned out to be a faulty Splicecore_S. Anyway Jonny on your end stepped in and we rectified the situation. I just wanted to let you know what happend, and thank you again for all your help.

Have a great day.



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Glad you got that sorted out! Thanks for letting me know! Let us know if you run into any further issues.



How did you go with the calibration keychain after your replaced the new Splicecore_S? Did you managed to complete one with 2 colour?

I could NOT even get a SUCCESSFUL 2 colour print of the Calibration Keychain for over 1 MONTH NOW.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed on ALL the EXPENSIVE Mosaic products and Mosaic Support so far.

They certainly do NOT perform up to the STANDARD or their CLAIMS.

There is NO PRODUCTIVE advice from Mosaic Support so far which HELPS.

There is NO IMPROVEMENT on my 3D-Print so far, in fact, it is TOTALLY HALTED.


At the moment I am still trying to answer Mosaic Support requests to print their CKCM BUT ALL FAILED!

Should it be that DIFFICULT to get ALL their GEARS to work together and print their CKCM FULLY & SUCCESSFULLY?

ALL THE GEARS except the 3DP are Mosaic PRODUCTS including the CKCM & SLICING SOFTWARE!

The WORST part is that the ENTIRE Print Process (Model > Colouring > Slicing > Slice File Transfer > Colour Control > Print Control) is UNCONTROLLABLE, UNPREDICTABLE,


despite of ALL COMPONENTS (except the 3D Printer) are Mosaic PRODUCTS.


You can also email me on Thx.


Here are my issues to Mosaic Support:

A. Abbreviation:



P2SP - Palette 2S Pro

3DP – 3D-Printer

CKCM – Calibration KeyCchain Model

1. Slice file (gcode) was executed differently and showing different info on CVHS and


2. Hence, I still believe either CVHS or P2SP or BOTH are FAULTY.

3. OR ELSE CV is NOT Slicing properly and does NOT generate CORRECT Slice file


4. I found 3 sets of info were different. STILL WHY? WHY? WHY?:

a. CV

b. P2SP


5. P2SP – Finished Print EARLIER in BOTH PRINTS ( ISSUE: Finished print more than 20 minutes earlier than CVHS & 3DP)

6. CVHS & 3DP – continued to print, Finished Print (ISSUE: P2SP stopped feeding filament to 3DP since P2SP has finished)

7. Check CKCM print - TOP (ISSUE: TOP part of the CKCM print was MISSING)

8. Check CKCM print - BOTTOM (ISSUE: Colour MISALIGNED)


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