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Where is the Multi-spool and runout detection?

We were told in the marketing materials that multispool mode/runout detection were features of the P3P. Many of us were surprised when we were told that those features aren’t yet implemented and they would be coming shortly. Shortly has come and gone. There’s been two subsequent firmware releases and we still don’t have multispool.

Mosaic’s decision to not include this at launch and then to not make it a priority after significant backlash from users is hard to understand.

The type of conditional logic to support BASIC multispool/runout detection would not be hard to implement at all. I do not buy for one second that multispool is a complex problem because it is not. It is just not a priority for Mosaic. If it was, we would already have it. Any other reason at this point is just an excuse.

I am not trolling. I am voicing my displeasure and asking when we will get a very important feature that was promised to us at the time of sale.

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Mosaic, your web page for the P3P still says, “If a spool runs out, Palette will automatically splice to another spool and keep your print going. With 8 spools available your prints will always continue to run”. I don’t normally question the ethics in advertising, but you’re still claiming this feature exists (now) when it does not. This mistatement was brought to your attention over 3 weeks ago and judging by the reaction on this forum, I don’t think I was the only one expecting multi-spool to be included at launch. Don’t you think the right thing to do is put a notice on your website that this critical feature and others of the P3P are “coming soon”? The result, it’s deceptive. At face value, it’s dishonest.

Please don’t get me started on the slide that says , “Achieve high-quality, functional prints by combining flexible and rigid materials. Or, simplify prints with challenging overhangs using breakaway or soluble support.” A few weeks ago we were told flexible filaments are not yet supported.

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I agree strongly with Larry.

We don't want apologies and thanks for patience that has long since expired.

I want useful information and transparency to set and manage expectations for what the team is working on to complete a product that has been paid in full and not delivered as far as I'm concerned.

What issues is Mosaic tracking and resolving, and on what timeline? Where in the queue are the functions being worked? Scheduling and predicting releases is not easy, I get that, but any decent management will be tracking a list and working to a plan, and what we need right now is transparency.

We got email updates when hardware delivery dates slipped. Where's the updates for software delivery delays?

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This is a very poor effort on mosaics side, you keep saying sorry and “it’s coming soon” but as you can clearly see your customers are fed up with the crap to be honest.

Please lay it out on the table honestly before we all start contacting the ombudsman because this is just not good enough.

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Hi Larry,

I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has been causing you. Adding the multispool feature is a priority for our team and they are currently working on a firmware update to add multispool mode along with other features as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime!

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I do not understand and I am no longer patient. What I am is disappointed and frustrated. And I certainly do not appreciate the patronizing answer of "as soon as possible". Are you honestly suggesting that Mosaic did not have the opportunity to write the code for Multi-spool in the last eight months?

Fatima, we were promised this feature at the time of sale. When we started receiving units seven months later multispool was missing. We were told last month it was coming soon. Today, you give us yet another ambiguous answer kicking the can further down the road.

This is not a complex problem to solve. Mosaic has brilliant engineers that can easily add the code to the firmware to support multi-spool. At minimum, the P3P should pause when filament is not detected instead of aborting the print. I found out the hard way there is no runout detection or multi-spool. I wasted a lot of time trying to find a feature that didn't exist and learned on the forums from Mosaic it was coming soon last month.


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