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How to speed up slicing

I’ve got an over 360X360X400 mm printer, and like to print large parts (hopefully using P3P I’ll be able to make those multicolor)

Unfortunately, Canvas takes an INSANELY long time to slice anything.

I have a very powerful desktop, and when using any other slicer (cura, S3D, Prusa, etc…) they can make use of the whole CPU or GPU (depending on which slicer) and generally slice files in a matter of seconds, but CANVAS sits there processing for 30-40 minutes.

I am aware that the parts I’m trying to process are high-complexity, large parts, with lots and lots of detail, but %#*@ this takes a long time!

Is there any way to speed this up?

I’ve started trying to tune in a Prusa profile for my printer, but it’s extremely slow going and the learning curve is %#*@ near vertical (especially given that my printer is mostly custom)

I have a perfectly tuned CURA profile already, and had previously used it with a 4-in-1-out mixing nozzle that I had set up prior to getting Palette.

Several of my upcoming projects would greatly benefit from 7-8 colors, and the printer can hit much higher speeds with the single nozzle mounted instead of the mixer (plus it saves 30mm of build area due to the head being smaller) so I would really like to get Palette working consistently.

half hour long slicing cycles is ridiculous.

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Hi Zeno,

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you but unfortunately it is not possible to speed up slicing on Canvas as the slicing time depends on the size and complexity of the model as you mentioned.

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This is a big part of why we're asking for a solution like Chroma to be made available for Palette 3.

I've tried PrusaSlicer, and it does not work for my use case (cannot get the printer dialed in properly on Prusa - plus don't see why I should need to swap to yet another slicer)

I have several very well tuned profiles in Cura that can slice this exact same model (in 8-extruder 1-nozzle mode) in under 30 seconds.

Combined with the fact that Mosaic's servers don't seem to be reliable enough (given the outage today) This is EXTREMELY frustrating.

This device cost $800. It should work regardless of internet connection. I would totally understand the slow slicing if it was being done on the internal RPI, but when combined with all the other issues related to online only operation this gets to be unacceptable.


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