P3P connection to canvas

So i have removed my P3P multiple times and i can add my device but it still says “Offline” and now on the P3P screen it won’t display a connection to canvas so as a last resort this morning i did a factory reset and yep still will not connect to canvas.

i have tried it on wifi connected to my phone, wifi from a router and also a ethernet connection and still nothing, i updated the firmware so i know it has internet access.

Can someone please help because i haven’t even been able to print anything yet?

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Sorry to hear that, Dave. When you're connected via ethernet, do you have any firewalls that would restrict your network to connect to a device?


I had thought that too but when i used my phones hotspot it still won't connect, it did connect when i first got the machine but now it just doesn't.


@fishpig Any chance that you're using a 5ghz network? We'd only work with 2.4 ghz at the moment.


Nope only have 2.4Ghz here, i checked on that too.

Thing is it is connected to the internet because i can download the update and installed it, it just doesn't seem to talk to the canvas servers.


@fishpig That's strange, we don't see many issues with ethernet connections. Could you please attempt to factory reset once more, and to also clear the cache on your web browser?


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