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Missing Pings under Tools -> Pings ... anyone else have this?

I’ve run a few print jobs, and under “tools -> pings” it always says “no pings detected”. I see the printer pausing at the right places as defined in the gcode and the palette.json definition. So I’m wondering if this is a non-detection issue, display bug, or something else. The jobs have been sliced in both Canvas and Kiri:Moto — so I think I’ve ruled out a slicer issue. I’ve also run through the x-ray debugging and everything checks out.

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bumping this :/


Hey Stewart, this is usually due to a calibration issue and may be caused by the Loading Offset or Outgoing Tube length being inaccurate. Would you mind factory resetting your unit, then re-running a print and seeing if any pings display?


can you explain how that would change anything? the loading offset and outgoing tube length is set for each new printer. so I can just delete and re-create the printers to change those values.


given that this is a Pi3 running linux, isn't a factory reset and a "firmware" install / upgrade the same thing? it just installs docker packages overwriting what was there before.

what are the tolerances for loading offset + tube length? can it be off by 1cm? 5cm? how does that affect ping detection?

it seems the palette does a good job of tracking the amount of filament used with the scroll wheel. and that is not affected by the offsets. shouldn't the palette just detect the 13 second and 7 second pauses whenever they happen and then correlate ping order with expected offset vs actual and do a delta?

i'm just imagining how i would code this and trying to understand how palette actually does it. it would seem that it has all the relevant data regardless of tube/offset settings: it knows how much is produced / consumed regardless.


HM is a collection of pings from saved prints, so if you've had a bunch of missed pings, it could affect your overall calibration. Factory resetting will reset these values as well.

Concerning tolerances, obviously the less the better, but 1-2 cm is probably a good range. If these lengths aren't accurate, your pings will be off as your Palette thinks that you're using more/less filament than expected.

You're correct about the ping signatures, but if the measurements are off, then Palette's pings will be too high/low when calculating the delta.


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this is sort of a show-stopper. without ping calibration, prints drift out of calibration by the end. this seems to be a Canvas issue as well when running Canvas output files in Accessory Mode.

is anyone printing files in Accessory Mode? have you looked at the ping output during/after a job?

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