Firmware updates for Palette 3 Pro

I see that is out and the release notes mention a few of the missing features are coming but I did not see anything about TPU - which was one of the major advantages you listed on your site for the Palette 3 over the palette 2S.
Watching what happened when I tried TPU, before I knew it was not yet supported, I am concerned this is a hardware issue. Will the Palette 3 Pro be able to support TPU and work better than the Palette 2S? When?


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Hey Randy, this is planned for a later firmware update. For the release notes of the most recent firmware update, you can find the details here: Palette 3 Firmware Releases


Randy, I've tried a brief test with TPU and I share your concerns. I had issues with the TPU retracting all the way back to allow the next input to be fed. The hobbed gear didn't pull it all the way back so when it tried to use the next input to splice, they merged together in the channel that leads to the cutter and it jammed. One thing I noticed is there are 8 inputs that converge to 4 merge points before entering the cutter. There is one merge point for inputs 1-2 one for 3-4 one for 5-6 and one for 6-7. I was using inputs 1-2 and the TPU in input one did not get retracted far enough so it was still in the merge point. When the Palette tried to feed input 2, it jammed at the merge point because the TPU was still in the input 1 channel going into the merge. I am going to try spacing the use of the inputs out so they don't use the same merge point. (i.e. use inputs 1 & 3) Hopefully, I can get it to feed/unfeed so as to try an actual splice. I'll report my findings back here.


Larry, it will be interesting to see if you get the same results. I tried the staggered inputs but then it starts to jam up in the buffer area and again before the final output. If it does get past that it jammed up in the outgoing tube before it came out the other end. I am using a Creality Ender 5 Plus so I need to longest tube (110cm)


I think there are going to be a few problems with TPU. I hope I am wrong but I don't see how firmware will address some of these issues. There are too many places for TPU to get jammed. I have been testing this for the past 3.5 hours and have discovered a few things.

If the first material in the print is TPU the gear/spring at the outgoing drive (after the splice core) seems to have difficulty accepting it. It appears there is a little too much compression and the TPU is not rigid enough to compress the spring and engage the drive wheel. This backs things up until I get an eventual 132 error. I could see the TPU backing up at that point until it caused the filament to lift and start compressing against the plastic cover lifting off the limit switch underneath. You could see after it met the outgoing drive it was not straight in the path between the splice core and the outgoing drive. I could also see that it was not fully engaging the limit switch in that same segment due to it backing up.


To mitigate this, I used PETG as the lead material so it would engage the drive wheel and then the subsequent filament TPU/PETG splices could be pulled through. This worked and I was finally successful in producing splices with TPU and PETG. I had no idea what to use as a baseline for tuning so I started with the 0/0/0 default and found 1/0/2 to be ok. Compression was a big no-no. You could see the TPU bending in the channel as it was being fed into the splice. I'm an original Palette owner but P3P tuning is different so it was all trial and error.. Unfortunately, when I finally got to the point of the P3P producing filament and I began printing, I had a jam at the extruder because I forgot to dial down the print speed. I usually print with PETG 80/mms 0.6mm nozzle. I am new to Canvas so with all this other nonsense going on, I forgot. (I wish I could print TPU that fast.) Frustration was elevated so it seemed like a good time to take a break but I thought I'd pass this on. I will try again tomorrow.


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