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Please give us Chroma for Palette 3

I am trying but I am really struggling with Canvas. It is missing so many critical splicing features that Cura and Simplify3d have had for years and my print quality is really suffering. To be candid the only thing I have really been able to successfully print was the keychain. My finish quality of PETg prints is so much worse then when I did the same prints with S3D, Chroma and P2S, I am having to use rafts and higher temps because of the lack of first layer settings. Canvas feels like a huge step backwards.

Can we please have Chroma for the P3Pro?


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If you look at the gcode generated by Canvas you see that at least some of the Chroma code libraries are still alive and in use. If Canvas is using the Chroma code one would think creating a Chroma app should be within reach. I would guess Mosaic could create Chroma for the P3Pro if they wanted too, but it is a very low priority. As others have mentioned the problem may be that us tinkerers are not the target market- Mosaic wants to build an 'it just works' product and they feel that is only possible in their own ecosystem (lessons learned from palette 1 and 2?) The product is obviously not there yet.

Here are some comments from one of my canvas KISSliver gcode files:

; Chroma toolchange handling

; toolchange at totalE = 10982.05078 mm

; changing logical extruder from T2 to T0

; process Drive 1

; move to side


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Totally agree with this here.

Mosaic team, you have an AWESOME product here, on the hardware and system side, it’s great! you’ve spent years developing a really cool system that is super useful.

Unfortunately, you’re completely hamstringing it by trying to build your own slicer for it. Many of us have extremely comprehensive slicer profiles in a ton of different slicers, and there’s really no reason to try and build your own.

Just about all major slicers can generate code for “chimera” style mixing hot-ends. They can already generate transition towers, and can already add in custom code during transitions. It would even be relatively easy to emulate the ping signature if using an off-the-side purge into midair.

This would instantly open up capability for a much larger userbase, with many more custom printers and slicing engines available, some of which have been in development for literal decades, and have reached a level of quality that no matter how hard you try, you won’t reach without the same sort of time and energy input.

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I totally agree too. The hardware is outstanding but Canvas needs quite a bit of work. There is NO way I will use Canvas to slice for my other printers that don't have a Palette attached. I will continue to use S3D. So until S3D has native support for the P3P I will be forced to use a two slicer setup.

I don't find Canvas to be all that intuitive but to be fair, my prints do come out very good. The painting and stamping features in Canvas are great but I would never look at Canvas again if I could perform those functions in S3D. Overall the workflow is cumbersome, insecure (sending stl to the cloud for slicing) and very latent. I spend as much time looking at the progress bar as I do painting.


You're lucky that your prints are coming out good! Even after dozens of prints worth of calibration attempts, my Canvas prints still look worse than CURA makes with default settings. I build a lot of parts that need high detail, so have a dedicated CURA profile that has the retraction, z-seam, filament parameters and more super well tuned, and even replicating the available parameters in Canvas results in rather crappy prints. Especially where retraction is involved.


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I am also put off by the lack of 3rd party slicer support. The product is amazing but the end quality of the print sucks due to a lack of printer specific tuning.

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Yes. I totally agree

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Seriously, I understand that you moved away due to reliability issues, but give the “tinkers” something to work with. I would assume most of us have been printing for a long time, and asking us to throw away all that knowledge and fine-tuning with our slicers of choice is crazy. I understand the use of Canvas for the general user, but I would imagine Randy Savell, as well as the others commenting on this, are experts. Give us a Chroma update please!!!

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Also agree, or at least let us use our own slicer, the quality could be so much better

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