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Palette 3s pro error 500


I think I have tried a lotto things
Firmware fully up to date
Pro 3 S is online
But every time initialization it respond with error 500
Have hard reset browser several times

Answer this question I have this problem too

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The new Firmware Version is bad...

I got "error 500" and sometimes "unknown error" with the new Firmware... So I now use V and the problems disappeared completely.... and my Palette 3 is okay again...


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1 Answer

@olymposvej I have encountered 500 errors numerous times and the fix wasn’t always the same. Since it’s the weekend, Mosaic Support won’t be around to answer so I’ll attempt to go through a few things that may help. I have found the 500 error to be a somewhat universal error code that deals with filament movement/path that relates to all the silver switches throughout the unit. It’s only a guess but based on experience, I am assuming those are all various homing switches and one of them is causing the issue. I’m sure Mosaic support can derive much more from it but as an end user, I’ve seen it show up in various scenarios.

  1. Filament path not cleared. In most cases there was a piece of filament somewhere between the splice core and the output of the P3P but I have also had filament between the input feed wheel and the cutter.
  2. One time the internal buffer tube was not in the correct position at the start of the print so the P3P kept erroring out. I have no idea how or why it happened, but it wasn’t until I took the cover off that I noticed it out of position. I took the plastic plate off and moved the buffer tube into the correct position, put the plate back on and it solved the issue. Basically, I slid the buffer tube to the left side of the unit so the curve of the tube was flush against the wall of the P3P (following it’s curve).
  3. I had an issue that resulted in a 500 error AND a grinding issue at the input wheel. There was a piece of filament in input one that had not fully cleared (removed) from the internal “merge”channel so on the next print, that small fragment caused the new incoming filament on input one to jam. The hobbed feed wheel forced the new filament up and over the old piece causing the jam. Kind of like a train jumping tracks. This resulted in a loud grinding noise and shaved filament in channel one. I took the plastic covers off and cleaned it all out with compressed air. Once put back together all was fine.

One thing I’ve noticed is it is very hard to see dark colored filament inside the internal channel of the P3P. I spent 20 minutes trying to solve a 500 error because I was using a dark green translucent filament and I could not see the small piece against the blackness of the P3P. I had a similar issue with black filament.

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Great breakdown. Thanks for taking the time to put that together. It largely aligns with my experience. I'm in the process of adding native support for Palette 3 to Kiri:Moto and am doing a ton of test/calibration prints. I've found that I really can't run it reliably without the cover off because watching the internals is still just too important. I seem to be able to tickle all the corner cases that result in internal jams and breakage.


Thanks. Glad to help. I find it ironic that throughout the numerous issues I've had, none were actually splice related. 100% of the slices my P3P has produced have been rock solid. Not a single splice has failed and I am well over 500 splices by now. I print almost exclusively with PETG and I am using the default settings. I have not splice tuned at all. All of my issues have been loading/feeding related and difficulty getting the P3P connected. But I'm def interested in Kiri:Moto and your work. Canvas is proving to be cumbersome.


I had hoped to release the first beta of Kiri:Moto with Palette3 support this evening. But failed splices have slowed me down. I think it may be this particular flavor of filament, so I'm switching it up and hoping for better results. The output and printing are otherwise great. I'm finding the multi-color workflow much easier to use than Canvas with the exception of having to shuttle USB sticks around. Probably going to wear out my computer's and Palette's USB ports by the time I'm done.

If you're interested in following my progress and helping with testing, I have a Palette channel on the Grid.Space Discord server. Here's an invite:


I also received an error "500". I received the error while trying to transfer a project file from Canvas to Palette 3 Pro in connected mode. I resliced the project, tried again and received the same results. I then duplicated the project, sliced it and it transferred to the Palette just fine with no error. Nothing unusual about the first or second filenames. Not sure what caused the issue but this fixed it for me.


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