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Can we get a comprehensive roadmap?

Let me start by saying I think Palette 3 is a really cool device. My comments here on the forum generally center around my frustration with the device and the current state of development, but overall the technology is great and I think it will end up being a fantastic addition to my printing workflow.

That being said, As has been brought up MANY times so far on the forum, it seems that there are quite a few core features of the Palette 3 that are unfinished / not yet functional.

Can we as PAYING CUSTOMERS be given a comprehensive roadmap for completion of these features? Along with expected completion dates for these?

Either this forum or preferably the Palette section of the Mosaic website would be good places for this roadmap to reside.

When we as customers paid a substantial amount of money for these devices, we were told it would have a specific set of features, and your website still lists these as full features, not features pending software update. See screenshot of web page taken 11/10/21 7:17 PM

Block Image

This is extremely disrespectful to paying customers, and falls clearly in the realm of false advertising to future customers.

Please provide us a timeline for completion of all promised features.

Please also make it clear to customers seeking to purchase the device that these features are not yet available.

A good reference for the features that were promised would be the one-page PDF provided on Mosaic’s website (and also attached here) F66210139246 Palette 3 Pro One Pager V2.2 Oct 2021

Some of my main focus points would be:

  • Remote control “to start and monitor prints from anywhere” - this is not yet possible as filament loading requires substantial human interventions
  • Fully automated runout detection and spool changeover
  • UI and touch screen for “unparalleled ease of use” - wouldn’t call a touch screen that doesn’t answer half the time unparalleled ease…
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Only about 1/2 of the claims on that one pager are even true :-(


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I’ve asked for this exact thing myself.

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Hey Zeno,

Thank you for your recommendations, and it is definitely something my team and I can look into implementing. Regarding your questions about multi-spool mode that is something that will be implemented within the next 3-4 weeks!

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Thank you, looking forward to this feature and seeing the roadmap to remaining missing features.


Any news on this?

Still waiting on core features of this device to be implemented, and with Canvas currently unstable my Palette is currently completely unusable.


I would also be interested in an update here.

My P3 has been sitting on a shelf unused due to these missing features. I'm looking forward to running prints over the holiday. Having EXPECTED features such as multi-spool mode and resolving lack of connectivity would greatly improve my outlook of this device.

If you want people to make and share cool stuff with your product please make the product usable above the absolute bare minimum.


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Hello, I am looking at purchasing P3 Pro for a Flashforge Guider IIs but am worried about modifications required (tbd) to use Pallette. I also worry about a product in development. Any news on reliability, fixes and advances on the capabilities mentioned in the brochure and above? Road Map please even if it is tenative. “Grab the low hanging fruit” and get her done to cross off some of the list of features not yet active.

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