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What happens when Palette 3 Pro runs out of its color?

At this point I’m both scared and unwilling to waste more filament to test this machine. Since there is no option to set a backup drive/color (literally one of the selling points and is included in the manual but not the firmware), what happens when the Palette runs out of its printing color? Will it send a pause command to the printer ie. filament runout sensor and I can reload the drive? Having palette pick up with the same color from another input as a backup color/drive is literally one of the two reasons I purchased the machine, so another question is when will this be added to the firmware?

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I see from the posts that a backup drive for a color was not an option in Nov 2021. Now in March 2022, in case you haven't discovered this yet, it is available. On the home screen, start print -> actions -> backup drive.


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Currently the “Backup Drive” feature is not yet implemented, so once one filament runs out the Palette will error out and cancel the remainder of the print.

Once they implement “Backup Drive” it will be a much more useful device!

I’ve been having fun printing small trinkets, but the bigger projects I had planned on using Palette for often would be multi-KG prints using more than one (or in some cases more than two) spools of filament for one print.

I’m also very much looking forward to using the Palette to consume all the tail ends of extra filament scraps I’ve got and using up a bunch of old partial spools. The backup drive function I think will be one of the most useful features of the whole Palette system!!

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Hey Garrett,

Going along with Zeno’s comments, multi-spool mode is something that our firmware team is currently working on! It should be released with a firmware update in the next 3-4 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

- Hana

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In the past, I have had nothing but good experiences with Mosaic’s customer support. They have always been highly responsive and usually in front of most issues. But in this case, I’m very disappointed. To know that multi-spool is not available is a huge let down. This was a major reason for purchase. There are other features I was expecting that haven’t been implemented yet but this ommission is huge. It’s hard to understand and accept how much the software/firmware is lagging behind the hardware given the lead time for delivery and that fact these features were promoted and included in the support docs. I do remain hopeful, and plan on many firmware upgrades in the coming weeks/months.

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