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Palette 3 Pro is there a way to stop filament from slipping out?

Hello there. First of all, WOW. Palette 3 Pro is a sexy sexy beasts. You all hear all the bad comments a lot, so I thought I’d add some praise. I have 2 Palette 2 Pros and have had my rough patches with them, but for the most part they are great. The set up with my 3 was easy and fast. I am using it on one of my Prusa MK3s… and the presets that you all have setup have been spot on from the first print. It’s f’n fantastic!

Yes there are things that are annoying, but over all I’m still giddy every time I use it. The touch screen needs a little love, which has been mentioned. My issue that I’m having and concerned about is filament slipping out of the input slots. My set up was this:

  • Palette set up next to the printer, mounted on it’s sexy stand.
  • Spool holder on the floor 30” below the Palette
  • Printing a 5 color model
  • Used drive 1-5
  • Loaded spools for 1, 2 and 3 on first rail of holder feeding from the underside of the spool. Spools 4 and 5 on the back rail, feeding from the top of the spool.
  • During the print it would fail because the filament for drive 5 would slip out. On checking this and trying the print a few different times, I can see the way it’s designed with the one gear bar for all of them, that it’s not possible to have them all snug. Makes sense.
  • One observation is the spool for 5 was about 90% used. So there was a little bit of tension from the multiple short curvinesses.

So I’m wondering if anyone else has witnessed this? Any solutions? I’m going to try a couple of things when I get time.

  • Set up the Palette laying flat. With my space I was trying to not have to do this.
  • Might try feeding the back rail of spools underhanded.
  • Thought of spreading out the drives used to prevent the possible bumping and pulling of filaments when they touch each other because they’re all loopy. When they retract sometimes one can bump another one loose. So my thought was many move the color on drive 5 to 7 or 8.


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I just experienced this as well with just 3 spools. In my case 2 of the spools were unspooling clockwise and the center was unspooling counterclockwise which is the one that was pulled out. I’m guessing the rotation and the friction of the other spools must have turned the center spool and over time it pulled the filament out and the print stopped. Since this happened I realized how careful you need to be to make sure the filaments that are not currently being feed do not get pulled on.

Now that I understand how the input drive works, I am not really sure how to fix this other than in my case make sure the filaments are all unspooling in the same direction. On a positive note you can easily preload your filaments, well except for the one that is currently engaged

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I had the same thing happen - I tried wall-mounting my palette, and pulling the filament from within a dry-box. as the filament got to the smaller diameter of the rolls, it started randomly springing out of the input connections. I’m currently looking at designing a tensioning assembly (either springs with rubber pads or sections of old bowden tubing) that will mount just below the palette and add some more retention force while still letting the machine push the filament out during the unload cycle of the splice. Definitely frustrating to have to add features that you’d think would be built-in to the device.

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First functional version of my filament infeed tube holder is posted to Thingiverse!


Owww. I like it. I will have to give it a try. Thanks for posting!


You're welcome! I've run several prints now using the blue part in the pictures, with my filament being fed from a box about 16 inches below the bottom of the Palette, without the tube holder the filament would pull out constantly, now all 5 channels I've been using have stayed in no problem!!


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Found out that I can attach files not just pictures! Here’s the feed tube holder clip that I designed to help with this issue.

the holes on the two tabs are sized to fit the larger diameter of the two thumbscrews for the lower cover plate - they still tighten down on the plate and this clip hangs on them with a little bit of wiggle (which makes loading filament easier)

Palette Tube Mount V2

Mosaic team, feel free to repost this to your thingiverse if you like, I can attempt exporting Fusion360 CAD file of it as well for editable sharing.

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