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Fully offline usage of palette 3

I have a brand new Palette 3 pro, and I love it! but unfortunately I have rather slow and intermittent DSL internet (only thing available in my area). Is there an option for using the Palette 3 fully offline? I’d really like to be able to continue using it when internet is down.

Aside from poor internet connectivity, the lack of offline capability is also frustrating from a security and workflow perspective. Maybe I’m an outlier, but I MUCH prefer to keep everything local whenever possible. As it sits, any failure of internet infrastructure from the wall of my house all the way to Mosaic’s servers (and any failure in those servers) turns the device (at least only temporarily) into a paperweight. this MUST be corrected.

I was under the impression based on articles about palette and press information that Chroma would be compatible with the P3 pro, but it appears that at least for now, this is not the case. I cannot express how frustrating that is to me. I don’t need the fancy paintbrush tools etc… what I need is a way to run this machine regardless of internet availability, or server uptime, or NDA restrictions. Without local-only OFFLINE control of the unit, it is a serious risk.

I had been considering purchasing one or two Palettes for 3D printers I’ve got at work, but the inability to run offline makes that a non-starter. Our intellectual property rules do not allow design files to leave the internal network under just about any circumstances.

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Any chance of an answer to this???

Another forum thread highlighted one of the EXACT REASONS for my post - a Mosaic side software glitch rendered multiple Palette 3s unusable for an extended period of time.

Stuck in Preparing to slice - 0%

Please add offline processing capability to your roadmap. Even if all it is is an update to Chroma without any of the fancy stamping / painting features - just the ability to translate multi-extruder Gcode into single extruder + Palette commands would be FANTASTIC! I’d even pay for that capability if I hadn’t already paid $800 for this device.


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Found out today that Mosaics servers have been offline, rendering my Palette unusable.

Mosaic Team,

This type of bullshit is why we're demanding offline capabilities.

I did not pay $800 for a device that becomes a paperweight whenever your server has issues.

Please release Chroma or some similar tool to allow all slicers (not just Prusa) to be able to utilize Palette 3 devices without reliance on your servers.

Between extremely slow processing, internet reliability, your servers going down, and the !#^&-poor quality of sliced files in canvas, we NEED a better option.

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I’m adding support for the Palette 3 in Kiri:Moto and may have something basic working as early as this weekend. Kiri:Moto is a browser-based, fully open source slicer. You can run it entirely offline (see github docs). The first goal is to produce MAFX files alongside Gcode. Then you load the Gcode into your sender (like OctoPrint) and the MAFX file onto the Palette3 (via USB stick). A way to send MAFX files directly over the network would be ideal, but requires open APIs on the Palette. In the meantime, you can follow my work on the Grid.Space Discord server:

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That sounds awesome, any chance you could partially spin-off the gcode to mafx translation to be able to process existing gcode? I'm sure many of us with these printers would be eternally grateful!

To mosaic :

I've got too many profiles tuned just perfectly on my current printers and slicers, and use quite a bit of extra commands for things like extra fans, servos, and even a few extra axes for a nozzle wiping and print removal setup. I'd love to be able to keep using those features, and since many of them are custom to my machine it makes little sense for them to be added to someone else's slicer.

A multi extruder gcode to single extruder + mafx translator would be a Much more useful tool than a custom slicer for almost all palette users in a huge amount of situations.


this is possible, but a bit harder. the reason for that is the need to allocate an area for purge blocks then inject instructions for generating them into every layer in the gcode. at present, Kiri:Moto already generates suitable purge areas in multi-extruder setups and those can be re-used for the Palette integration. since this is already in the slice path, it happens before gcode is generated. I would not be able to re-use my Palette code for existing gcode files. it would be a totally separate effort based on knowledge of the Palette system and file formats.


Fair enough. I currently do most of my slicing with cura, but also some with repetier (which I think I have set up with slic3r), both of which support multi-input single-nozzle extruders, and can auto generate a prime tower and insert commands at tool and layer changes. My printer is set up to purge off the edge of the bed, saving all the printing real estate for the model (also has the benefit of making it super easy to measure where the actual transition occurred, since you can just measure the overall length of the string and where the change started and ended)

If I was any good at coding for PC I'd try my hand at making the converter, but km far more used to programming for hardware and PLCs


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I am voicing support for an offline mode in Canvas for the EXACT reasons Zeno stated. IP concerns, latency, etc. I live in a rural, mountainous area and rely on satellite. Inclement weather wreaks havoc on connectivity. I would like to see ALL features in Canvas implemented in offline mode though. I bought my P3P so I could paint, stamp, multi-spool, etc. I don’t want to see core features tossed just to work offline . Those features are why I would use Canvas in the first place.

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