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Answer our Canvas P3P connection problem or give us refunds

As posted by several people, and ignored. Is there a status on the Canvas is not properly communicating with P3P? Or how do we get a refund for this -completely useless- paperweight.

I say completely useless, because even the canvas slicer hangs at 0% so I cant even download a file and print via USB.

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Day 5, still no fix or answers from ya'all


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Hi James, we responded to your inquiries on November 2nd via an e-mail thread and have not received any response. Once you can provide us with feedback on the steps provided, we can provide further assistance if needed.

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Sir, I have been speaking with Adalyn all day. The support team was CCd.

I have the new firmware, which did not resolve the issue.

Canvas also still hangs at 0% and I have to play the... Did I wait long enough for the slice to finish game.

Then refresh and hope the project saved.

I did get the keychain printed.

Canvas still finds my p3p but doesn't realize it's online. The p3p says it's connected.

Canvas' user entered splice settings do not appear to carry over to the P3P in the print.

I had fail after failed splice (they looked horrible and didn't make it out the Bowden without separation)

However, making the 4-3-1 change ON the p3p itself and the print went fine.

The touch screen is still needing VERY excessive pushing to activate.


@chandalen Hi James, I understand that you were able to complete your first print using Addy's advice? Also, with the Canvas preview bug that you're seeing, have you cleared cache and cookies on your browser? Also, after waiting for a few min and refreshing the browser, does the model appear?


Sorry for the delay. The Canvas slicer appears to visually be correct. However I have not gotten a successful print after the keychain. There is something wrong with the slices, and my Prusa is missing several steps and its noticeable. See pic


@chandalen Hi James, we have found that this is related to Prusa's new firmware. Our team is currently working on a fix, and a temporary workaround is to downgrade your Prusa's firmware to 3.9.3.


Thank you very much for this information. I am at 3.10.0 I will roll back to 3.9.3 and report my findings.


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