Core jam on palette 2s pro- manual heating? Would ethyl acetate help?

Fellow printers,

I had my palette 2s working fairly well with PLA, but then didn’t use it for about 2 months while working on other projects. Today used it and the PLA jammed in the splice core. There is no way that I’ve done enough splices to use up the “lifetime” on the splice tube… It seems the best option would be to heat the core then pull out the jammed (now soft) filament. There are 4 pins on the back of the heating core, anyone know what these are for?

Next best option would be to remove the splice core and soak it in warm ethyl acetate (to dissolve the PLA). I’m guessing the splice core is made of teflon so the ethyl acetate shouldn’t damage it.

I guess last resort is to replace the spice core (I think the palette came with extras)…

Bottom line:

1). What are the 4 pins for on the heater for? Can they be used to heat up the core and then remove the jammed filament?

2). Will warm ethyl acetate damage the splice core?

Thanks for any advice!

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Hey John, the pogos on the Splice Core are there to provide power in order to heat the filament, but there's currently no way to manually heat the core only. You could use Splice Tuning and set the Heat value to a high number ( We haven't tested the ethyl acetate method, but I would recommend replacing the splice tube at this point. Even if you clear the PLA from the tube, it may have deformed from the clog, leading to splice issues down the road. You'd be correct that replacement tubes are included with the Palette package, and you can order more through our website:


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