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How do I get support for my new Canvas Hub S?

Good morning! I have sent two emails to Mosaic support and have not heard anything back. So, I am copying my email here:

“I was trying to set up the hub tonight and it will not show up on my wifi networks.  I am using a 2020 iMac 27” Intel chip.  I have an Arris router with both 2.4 and 5 ghz activated.  I also have an Orbi mesh system, and no matter which I connect to, wifi to the Arris or wifi to the Orbi, the hub doesn’t show up at all.  The hub is located about 2 feet from both the Arris and the Orbi.

I went online and went through the “reset Canvas Hub S to factory.”   I downloaded Balena Etcher and the abcd-canvas-hub-s file and put that on the sd card that I removed from the hub.  I have done that twice.  Still no wifi network showing up on my list of wifi networks. I connect my computer to the same network I am trying to put the hub on.

The status light does nothing but flash white. The serial of the hub is XXXX-XX.  I have it plugged in to power as well as my Prusa Mk3S+

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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@jonnyyeu , I flashed again, still the same, no wifi shows up for me to connect to. Then I said “aha! maybe it’s the sd card!” so I took another sd I had here and flashed that. No luck. I also sent a 3rd email to mosaic support and am still waiting for any type of response.

Is there any help you can give me?


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Hey Chip, sorry to hear that you haven’t heard back from us. To confirm, did you send your messages to Concerning your Hub, so you see any lights appearing when it’s powered on?

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Hi! Yes, I did send them to :)

The only light appearing is the status light, and it is rapidly blinking.

Thank you!


Sorry for the delay, Chip! We were out of the office for Thanksgiving. If you're still unable to get it running after speaking with our team, we can initiate an exchange


I have sent more emails, lots and lots of pictures, a short video, reflashed 3 more times. The only answer I get from support is "the team is looking at it and we will get back to you."

I would LOVE an exchange.

PS: I just ordered a Palette 3pro!!! Yahoo.


@chipe If our team is looking into the issue, it actually may be related to another Hub issue that we're currently working on. If that's the case, we should have a fix in the next week or two.

Also, thank you for your continued support!


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