Layer Colors Flipped with Two Color printing


I am having a problem with my Palette 2 printing. I made a model and printed it with 2 colors, but the colors randomly are flipped on certain layers. It has happened in multiple orientations of the model, so it isn’t the model itself because the color flip isn’t consistent. I have attached a picture of the problem. The letters are supposed to be light blue and the base dark blue.

This model was sliced in Canvas, I sliced another in Cura and am printing it now and it has the same problem so it isn’t a slicing problem as far as I can tell. Is there some sort of tuning problem that would cause this?

Thanks for any help!

Block Image

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This looks like a calibration issue. Do you have pings from this print?


Hi, thanks for the response. I don't have them for this print, but I printed the model again and it did the same thing (same gcode but different layers flipped). It failed halfway through, but the problem still happened before the fail. Here is the contents of the ping file:


PING (%)


Ping 1 91.22%

Ping 2 90.83%

Ping 3 91.41%

Ping 4 92.44%

Ping 5 92.21%

Ping 6 91.03%

Ping 7 90.87%

Ping 8 91.05%

Ping 9 90.81%

Ping 10 90.56%

Ping 11 90.97%

Ping 12 90.97%

I will say that I have had much more complicated prints succeed in the past so I don't know what changed between then and now.


Hi William! It looks like your pings are far too low, and there looks to be an issue with the calibration. Do you mind re-running it ( Thank you!


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