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How do I get the printer to use all of the spliced filament?

I use an Ender 3 V2 which uses an extruder/bowden tube setup. My palette is the Palette 2 S. I have tried several times to run the calibration keychain print with all of them unsuccessful. Everything looks great until it gets to the last few layers where the last bit of filament moves past the extruding gears leaving inches of filament to remain in the bowden tube to the hotend with no way of being used. I have the bowden tube length set in the Canvas slicer and have the medium length tube (provided with the Palette 2 S) selected in the Palette settings. It seems that if just a few more inches of filament were provided in the tail end, there would be enough to extrude all of the necessary spliced filament out of the bowden tube through the hotend. Have I done something wrong? What am I missing? Has anyone else had this issue?


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Hey Kenneth, I would suggest increasing the Bowden tube length ( as this directly relates to the last piece of filament for your print. This is why we suggest over-estimating the Bowden tube length rather than under-estimating to ensure that you have enough at the end of your print to properly push the filament.

I would suggest increasing this length by 50-100 mm to complete the calibration print, then you can adjust this value once you see how much is leftover from the print. We’ve also found that using the smallest outgoing tube (500 mm) usually works best with Bowden style printers as this minimizes the filament path.

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