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Printer finishes without using all of the filament

I'm printing the calibration Keychain and my printer completes the print before it uses all of the filament. I have my bowden tube length set properly and I did a calibration on my Palette 2. Any ideas on why it's not using all the filament. It doesn't even finish the print with the correct colors due to it completing early.

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Hey @antongc, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble. If you have filament leftover in the tube after the print is finished, please increase the Bowden tube value in your Canvas printer profile. This value often needs to be over estimated to make sure there is enough filament added to the end of the print to be caught in your drive gears. Please let us know if this helps, or if you continue to experience the issue.

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Anton said he had left over filament and you said to increase the length of the bowden tube. Wouldn't that give him even more filament left over?

I have the reverse problem. It's calibrated correctly, the colors finish on time, but it runs out of filament. My printer is direct Drive and I had the bowden length set to 60 so I doubled it to 120 and it had no effect. The keychain prints fine with about 80mm left. But a simple 2 color print and it runs out. Had 4 splices. If I run a complex print with 160 splices there usually is a little bit left over.

It's like it's not adding the length of the bowden tube to the end like it says on the web page under Printers/Edit Printer/Extruder/Bowden Tube Length

Edit: I reran calibration keychain without deleting the printer profile and it didn't run out, it had about 60mm left so it barely cleared the extruder gears, but, I had increased the bowden tube length to 150 and it seems to have no effect. I have done my esteps, and they are correct at 100, though the Palette 2s Pro doesn't agree. The HM is 96.5%. I would think it should be 100% if my esteps on my extruder are correct. Pings and Pongs tend to stay within 1% of 100.


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