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"Leaking in middle layer"

Hi everyone!

I’ve been using Palette 2S for a quite now and making perfect printings. However I noticed that in some printings even the pings and pongs keeping around 100% (+/- 0,5%) sometimes one color change occurs inside the model printed and not in the tower. In the next layer it backs to normal and perform ok until the end.

The problem occurs in pings 6 and 7

  • Ping 10 99.5%
  • Ping 9 99.66%
  • Ping 8 99.69%
  • Ping 7 99.86%
  • Ping 6 99.47%

Anyone had this trouble? How can I fix it?



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Hey @matheussavi, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble. There are a couple reasons why a print may have a layer shift. Could you please tell us:

1) Does this happen for every print, or one print in particular?

2) Could you send us photos of your Palette and printer setup, with a focus on the filament path as it enters the extruder?

3) Are you using a Canvas Hub (S)?

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I’ll take a photo from the timelapse to show. I'm just waiting the printing finish to do it.

1) I saw in two of the last 4 printings


3) I'm using a raspberry with hub installed.

Thank you for your reply!


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There are the images!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Thanks for sending these over. Your setup looks good, although we usually recommend using the shortest tube possible if you have a Bowden setup. Essentially, the longer the distance from Palette to the nozzle, the more likely that there may be a calibration issue. However, if this is not possible for your setup, I would recommend trying the "slow during splice feature" available on the Hub page ( Slowing down the print speed significantly during a splice will help your print stay calibrated.



It is slowed by default ( by me) in 60 %. I maybe found a reason. In the last two weeks the ambient temperature is coming down. I realize today morning that the difference of 3 degrees may influence in under extrusion. So, I raised the hotend in 3 degrees. Palette synchronized perfectly again! Thank you for your help. Best Regards, Matheus


Hey Matheus, thanks for letting us know! We will keep this in mind for future calibration issues as well.


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