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Expected Slice Diameter Variance

My prints keep failing due to my extruder failing to extrude the filament that the pallete2s creates somewhere during the print.

I’ve tuned my splicing but it will work for a couple of layers usually and then still fail. When it fails, the filament almost always seems to have a very small indentation ahead of the splice where it looks like something kinked the filament.

All that being said -> the filament bends correctly and the variance is not THAT big. The splice goes anywhere from 1.8mm to 1.4mm. So in addition to continued splice tuning I also have cleaned the extruder gears and tightened everything up in there. I don’t *think* this is an issue with my palette as I have 2 of them and I’m seeing the same issue with both.

So my questions are:

  • How much variance should I be seeing from splices?
  • Is 1.4mm diameter for a splice section expected and is this a problem with my extruder?
  • Or is a small 1.4mm section too small in your opinion and should I instead keep splice tuning?
  • Do you have suggestions for what settings I should change to make the splices more consistent?

Here is an example of 3 slices with the same parameters (2 heating, -1 compression, 2 cooling) and filament and I believe the same filament slice order:

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Hey @imbeyondboredom, thanks for reaching out about this. In general, splices should be 1.75 mm ± 0.15 (measured with digital calipers if possible, with the filament vertically placed so the measurement is taken at several points versus at one). From the photo, it looks like the second splice is successful but the others are “necking”. For this, we would recommend turning down heat (

What is the brand name of your filament? It is also important to make sure the filament has a tolerance of +/- 0.03 mm or less.

Lastly, could you share the Canvas project with us where you applied your splice settings (instructions here)? Please make sure to share the model, material profile, and splice settings. Thank you!

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The green is VOXELAB:

I'll try turning down the heat. I'm using S3D and chroma so I can't share in that way but I verified that the default PLA was set to that and that each color was set to "default PLA".

I'm comfortable setting different settings per filament and testing them back and forth (having a way to test different splicing without unloading and reloading the filament in each slot would be a great improvement!) So I should be able to try tweaking this more.

Thanks for your answer. This was helpful in at least letting my know that it's likely my splice settings. I'll report back if I have more issues


@imbeyondboredom No problem Charlie, please let us know if you run into any other issues with splicing. It is also important to note that the splice tube should be replaced every ~5K splices.


Measuring the splice with calipers worked great. The print finally finished. It took quite a few slices to find the most consistent splicing but I finally settled on 1 heat, 3 compression, 5 cooling. Thank you for your help!


One last thing - I think you all should put this advice that you gave me onto your splice tweaking document. It would have saved me so much time and that way people don't have to find this support answer.

Step 3: -> Necking splices

"In general, splices should be 1.75 mm ± 0.15 (measured with digital calipers if possible, with the filament vertically placed so the measurement is taken at several points versus at one)."


That's a good point - I have added this comment in our Palette 2 splice tuning guide. Thanks!


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