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Issues that may arise when printing and how to address them.

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Prints mix layers randomly even with great pings.

Hey there,

I have been having issues with my prints randomly mixing layers. It always seems that the transitions happen too early, when printing multiple of the same parts the last printed part is the worst. Images attached, with the latest file’s pings.

Block Image


Mixed up on layer 668/780, every other layer looks perfect. Splices look good to me, calibration is fantastic when running the keychain. Not sure what else to check.

Some other prints with issues:

Both hedgehogs printed at the same time, better one printed first.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Adding filament path:

Block Image

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Hey @zswickliffe, thanks for reaching out about this. The first print (with the ping data) looks like it might have failed because there are a lot of short splices. Do you have a Hub? If so, turning on “slow down during splice” will really help to keep the print calibrated. You can also create your own DIY Hub.

You can also send photos of your Palette and printer setup, with a focus on the path the filament takes from Palette to your extruder, so we can make sure you are setup well for calibration.

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Hey! Thanks for the quick reply.

I do have a hub, and I have slow down set to 50% on splice. I have no failures/errors from the palette/hub when this happens.

Picture of the filament path will be added to the original comment shortly!

The unfortunate thing is this happens similarly with every print. It just doesn't seem to hold calibration but only for one random line or two random lines in an otherwise great print.


Additional info: the color change is happening too soon, if that helps indicate something. Meaning it's transitioning on the layer before going to the purge block.


Hey Zachary, thanks for sending that over. Your setup looks good, and so does your ping data. What are your transition lengths like (between white and brown)? Do you notice any kind of pattern in terms of which prints you have this issue with versus which prints turn out perfect? Lastly, approximately how many successful prints have you had with Palette so far?



With the recent setup I've had about 2 fully successful prints. The rest are like this which I would consider *mostly* successful less a layer or two.

The issue happens where it transitions too early so I don't think it's an issue with not enough purge, however, I have been sticking to 450-500mm³ when going from anything -> white. The rest are somewhere between 220 and 350 depending on how light/dark the color change is.

It seems every print has this issue, especially ones with more than 2 colors on one layer.


Additionally, I just confirmed my printer's e-steps. They're perfectly calibrated.


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