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Original post by: Randy Savell


I have also been looking for a way to automate this better.  I am using Chroma, not Canvas so that is probably different, with OctoPrint using the Canvas and Palette 2 plugins.

Here is what I have been doing so far:  I start heating the bed and extruder, from either OctoPrint or from the controller on the printer, while I am getting the filament loaded in my Palette 2S.  Once the Palette 2S starts it sends a M0 (Stop code), through the ''yourfilesname''.mcf.gcode file to your printer and stops heating the extruder, at least on my Ender 5 Plus and so I have to reset the extruder temp so that it is ready to load filament.

Is there or could there be a way to add some script from Chroma to start heating the bed and extruder or at least an option prevent it from adding M0 to the gcode?



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