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Original post by: David Koerth ,


splicing works fine but I hit the following issues:

1) when making the waste tower, it prints EXTREMELY thin.  Like the PETG is almost a “film”.  I’m sure this is due to z-height but no idea how to correct within CANVAS cloud.

2) I feel like the touchscreen controller on the SM is override a bunch of setting with the SM2 (I use an a350).  I set the bed for 80 and the nozzle for 250 but the bed continues to drop to 55.

3) No idea how to troubleshoot this z-height issue.  I' use a glass bed and calibrated it manually.  I also added some extra z-height (1.5mm) since I am printing with PETG.

4) PETG prints straight through Simplify3D or SM Luban work perfectly.  No issues at all.




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