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When Palette needs to change filaments, you have two options:  Transition towers or Side transitioning.[br]


'''++Transition Towers++'''


A Transition towers is the structure created when the printer purges material when switching between colors or materials.  This helps to ensure that you have clean prints, as changes in color or material may leave residue or waste in the nozzle which needs to be cleared. ''(See image below: Transition tower to the left of this print)''


The size and density of the transition tower can also be adjusted in Chroma, which would allow for less wasted material. [|Read more about reducing filament waste here]. ''(See image below: Adjusting transition towers on Chroma)''




'''++Side Transitioning++'''


Side transitioning is ideal for shorter prints, both in duration and number of transitions. There's no advanced programming that helps to determine how much of a mess is creating during a print, or even to enable the printer to stagger the locations of the dumps, so transition towers can be cleaner and more precise.

Similarly to transition towers, you can make adjustments in Chroma to fit your needs, such as the location of the transition and transition length.


Learn more about Side Transitioning '''++[|here]++'''.

We also have more transitioning options since our Chroma 3 release, including Infill Transitioning, Layer Batching, and more. You can learn more '''++[|here]++'''.



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