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CANVAS Hub connects your Palette 2 and printer wirelessly through a Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint system. If you already have a Raspberry Pi and OctoPrint setup for your printer, no CANVAS Hub is needed. You can simply [|install our plugin] to your existing OctoPrint setup in order to create your own CANVAS Hub.

CANVAS Hub connects to printers using a USB-B cable and some printers are listed on OctoPrint's [|compatibility page]'''.'''

Using CANVAS Hub, you can control aspects of your 3D printer and your Palette 2 from your computer: load and unload filament, jog your extruder, start a multi-material print, and access CANVAS Material Profiles from your Palette 2. Without Hub, you can still complete prints, but you would need to manually control these files through your printer and Palette 2 screens. To learn more about CANVAS Hub, see our [|blog post here].


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