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Hey @jacob126, thanks for reaching out about this. There are a couple of reasons why a model may have colours in the wrong places (what we refer to as the print falling off calibration). It could be because your Palette is not well calibrated to your printer, or the model itself has very short splices and the speed needs to be turned down, or a bad splice could have occurred. The first thing we always check is if Palette is well calibrated to your printer. Could you please tell me:

# Did you complete the calibration keychain as in ''''''? If so, could you send me a photo of the print and the tower (top and bottom)?
# Do you have the associated ping data for the calibration keychain print? Instructions on how to access ping data in accessory mode (no Hub) can be found at '''''' and instructions to access ping data in connected mode (with a Hub) can be found at ''''''
Pings are very important in troubleshooting calibration ('''''').
# Could you send me a photo of your Palette and printer setup, with a focus on the filament path as it enters the extruder?
# Could you share with me your CANVAS keychain project (instructions here: '''''')?

It may be easier to send all of this information to our support email, '''''' - thanks in advance for putting this all together.



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