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Original post by: Jeffrey Sargalski


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Bought a Palette Pro 3 thinking that printing in 8 different colors on a single nozzle printer would be better than my Palette 2 that printed 4. I was wrong! I have wasted a lot of time just trying to print a 2 color 16-hour model. Yes, it printed the 2-color calibration keychain just fine, in fact great, but I cannot get past about 11-1/2 hours without my print failing. I have attempted this 3 times now and it has failed all 3 times. Seems to splice just great and then all of a sudden it does not and then the printer advances the ~~Z~~ axis to be higher above the print and continues without extruding anything. Not happy for the amount of money spent.  I have also a lot of time invested in getting everything all set up. Not only is it wasting my time it has wasted a lot of filament between the actual print and the transition tower. Others have had issues and I think they still need to develop it to do better.



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