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Original post by: Mike Selfridge


I have this same issue (as described in my previous forum posts and direct email to Mosaic).  I referred the devs several weeks ago to descriptions of “CBD firmware,” and the plugin that solves this problem for Octoprint and the Palette 2.  This issue is common to many Chinese brand printers that use what appears to be Chitubox based firmware.  I was told they are working on it.

If you try to run your Qidi printer in Connected Mode with the P3, it seems unresponsive.  If you let it run for a LONG time, you will likely find it executes one line of gcode every several minutes.  I believe this is due to unanticipated messages from the printer filling the incoming buffer of the P3.  My guess is the P3 doesn’t know what to do with what it interprets as repeated Wait messages as the printer executes the active gcode.  There are a couple other issues the plugin addresses, according to P2/Octoprint discussions.

Since many, like myself, are repeat Palette purchasers who bought the P3 because it was listed by Mosaic as compatible with our Qidi printers, I expect Mosaic will prioritize a firmware fix, else they will be forced to accept returns.



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