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Original post by: Aaron berson


I had the same issue and exchange emails with Mosaic on this. Despite them listing the SM 2.0 as compatible it is not. They know about this and are working on it but doesn’t work This was there response. …..

Unfortunately I don't have a timeline for when this fix will happen, it's something the engineering team is working on but no ETA at this point in time. However we did get this tip from another customer using a Snapmaker printer recently that you can try for yourself to use your Palette in connected mode with the printer:

"Have your p3p on and connect mode to the printer with usb.Then on snapmaker you need to first enter development mode from the touchscreen. To do this, go to setting -> about machine, then just press on the screen about 5 times consecutively (just as how to get development mode in standard android). Then there will be two more icons on the main screen. Go to Experiment -> Preference -> Reset all. This option will clear out the on screen settings including calibration values (also the wifi thingy). But not the EEPROM from the controller (so all the G and M gcode settings. After you do this, turn off and back on your snapmaker. Then it will do the first start up steps and it connects. if you ever disconnect you have to do these steps"

I tried the suggested steps but still didn’t work, anyone able to get it to work?



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