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Original post by: Zain Shah


For anyone else having issues with intermittent splice failure, I figured out the solution, after trying every conceivable mixture of heat and cooling factor with low compression, I finally decided to go counterintuitive and try high compression. For instance for the filament that I was using -1/0/2, instead I used -1/4/4, and similarly, for the filament for which I was used 2/0/5, I am now using 2/4/5. This has resulted in over a hundred hours of printing without a single splice failure so far (crossing my fingers that this issue is now solved!). It turns out that high compression (around 4/5) was the solution. Good luck to anyone else having the same issue and I hope this helps you. [br]
p.s. I just received my order of Mosaic’s own PLA, I will see if the same intermittent splice issue happens with those and if it does, will the high compression solve it too. I will post the results here, if high compression is needed for Mosaic’s own filament to produce consistent splices, then I would have to assume that the instructions will need to be updated to a higher default compression until a firmware solution is released.



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