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Original post by: Chris Wilke ,


No Support and a device thats useless!


So I have wasted over a whole day getting this thing to work!

It keeps not feeding the pla through so the direct drive pulls on it and it snaps! its like it HAS to hit the buffer tube to feed which isn’t right at all! its not breaking at a join - because its not even up to that part, its snapping the PLA at the extruder because the stupid Palette isnt’ feeding the pla through to keep the distance given for the bowen tube - just trying to print a basic business card with coloured text! I could do this for free by just manually changing filament and this 1000aud device can’t even make a &&^&^$^ print! I am angry! I feel ripped off! I can’t get any support and I am left here with failed prints and wasted PLA.,

If this can’t be sorted in the next day I want a FULL refund! and I dont wanna have to be spending MORE wasted money on paying for the shipping of this complete failure of a product when I was waiting over a month to start with and I’ll detail this in EVERY 3d printing group I can find! You shouldn’t be selling a product like this - I am a 25 year IT specialist - how the !&&* is a normal computer use meant to figure this thing out?



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