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Original post by: Chris Wilke ,


Palette 2s not keeping up with printer via pi



So more testing on the palette 2s - I increased flow rate of my print and slowly over the print time the palette did not keep the correct filament length set for the bowen tube (125cm) and finally the filament pulled tight on the printers extruder and snapped.

Can someone please explain why this happened? The pallet 2s should keep up with the flow rate commands via octoprint to the printer so it can keep feeding the pla at the correct speed. In this case my printers extruder was moving faster than the palette could and caused the filament to snap.

All via Octo print - pi 3b+

First day is becoming a big disappointment thus far and I do have many other 3d printer people awaiting to see how I find this machine and purchase. :( not looking great at the moment.


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