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Original post by: Chris Wilke


Canvas Hub Plugin stuck at verifying palette 2 connection


First time trying to use my Palette 2s - I have Octoprint on Raspberry pi 3b+ - going through the first time setup I made sure the palette was connected fine as was the printer - sending the gcode from Canvas cloud was cool and worked fine sending it to Octoprint. But when trying to do the first print setup, Octoprint is\was stuck at a screen saying “verifying palette 2 connection before starting print” While I was trying to figure out what to do - the printed homed and started printing - even with the octo page still stuck at this same point, Screen shot attached.


I couldn’t do the first time setup because I couldn’t control the pi anymore - so I heated the hotend and bed via the printers control panel and manually fed in the pla for the cleaning part - then fed in the pla from the palette. So it going ahead and printing while Octoprint is still in that same screen.

Any ideas why?


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