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Original post by: Zain Shah


Hi, I am having similar necking issues as @zinventor, where 95% of the splices are perfect, but now and then, the filament will get so thin that it gets stuck on the extruder gears, and the print fails due to pings falling below 50% (error 134). The strange thing is that the necking is not happening at the splice but up before the splice (on the incoming side), while the splice is perfect, just like the rest of the 95% of splices. The necking, even though it’s not at the splice, still results in the same issue. I’m using Mater hacker PLA and splice setting of 2-1-4 (up from 2-1-2/2-1-3 to solve this issue). The issue happens randomly, and if I try to recreate it, it doesn’t happen but happens at some point in the middle/end of a long print. It’s almost as if the splice gets cooled perfectly. Still, as the outgoing filament after the splice pulls on the incoming filament after the splice, it passes through the core, which is still too hot and melts the incoming filament at a random spot away from the splice. [br]
Please help with this issue as I can’t figure out what setting could solve this.

p.s. HW is Prusa Mini+ running on the latest alt firmware (Bontech extruder and SE Copperhead).



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