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Original post by: Adalyn Ordono ,


Hi @woogerboy21, apologies for the delay in response here.[br]
Depending on what you are looking to accomplish, the material change section may be a better fit for the set of G-Code commands you are looking to add. If a custom script is added to that material profile, anytime the material is switched to that material, the code will run.


''This script is stored with a material profile and runs whenever switching to that material (including at the start of the print).''

''In addition to the variables in Section 1 and below, any material overrides from the material that owns the script will be applied.''

''Canvas will automatically adjust the printer’s temperature if necessary before this script runs. This script is mainly useful for material-specific setup other than temperature changes, such as applying a linear advance factor ([link||Printerscript documentation])''


Above screenshot: The toolbox includes the different extruders/drives on Palette. When a material profile is selected for that drive, it will apply the following which is saved on the profile:

* any style overrides
* splice tuning settings
* material change sequences

I’m happy to look into this more for you if you could elaborate on what kind of commands you are looking to add. The side transition sequences are best used if you intend on having the color transitioning occur off the bed or a specified coordinate (often with the use of a purge bucket or other mechanism to clean/collect the material).



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